Be careful what you wish for



Tuesday 6 June, 2017

You will have gathered from the man-with-no-title’s blog that we are not in Guernsey as planned. We are stuck in Poole. By Wellington standards, the weather is not all that bad. A bit of rain last night and a stiff breeze today, and that’s about it. Except it isn’t. He who knows these things says that out in the approaches to the channel, it would have been gale force winds, not the sort of thing a fast ferry trimaran could cope with. So we were probably lucky to have missed the Monday ferry by a few minutes; it had left an hour earlier than scheduled, but we hadn’t got the message. Then, because of the unfavourable winds, today’s crossing was also cancelled.

As it happens, we’d been thinking Poole would be worth a bit more time than we’d allowed, so we haven’t minded the enforced stopover. It does mean, though, that at best, we’ll get only one full day in Guernsey. And I suspect the non-captain is planning on spending that on a ferry trip to Sark.

Speaking of ferries, we took a ferry trip today on the Purbeck of Poole, up the tidal reaches of the harbour and the River Frome to the town of Wareham, where we had an hour or so to wander around before the trip back — the timing scheduled to fit with the tides. It was a lovely trip. The wind was brisk, to say the least, especially going up river. It’s the first time either of us has seen so many yachts moored on a river. It made the navigable channel very narrow in places for the ferry. Lots of  birdlife as well, plus one seal bobbing its head up as we passed. The Saxon church was also amazing, especially the stained glass windows.

We’ve enjoyed Poole and wandering around the quay and along the streets of the old town. But we are also looking forward to even a short time in Guernsey and are crossing our fingers the ferry finally sails tomorrow. With us on it.

Saxon church at Wareham

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