Sark: The perfect island



Thursday 8 June, 2017

We did a day trip to Sark today. And guess what? It has a garden, La Seigneurie. So what with the ferry trip over for him and a garden for me, it all adds up to the perfect destination. Of course there is more than the garden to Sark, and it needs more than a day to fully explore, at least on foot. There are bikes for hire and that would make it possible to cover a great deal more ground. We spent a full-on day walking the roads and tracks and now I’m too tired to write a blog. So I’ll leave a fuller commentary on Sark to some other time, or to the no-longer-captain to write about, and just say here that it is one of the best day trips we’ve done (and that covers all our trips). And that the garden of La Seigneurie is definitely worth a visit.It has all the elements of such big English-style gardens — a walled garden with axes and focal points and box hedges; roses, climbers, perennials, shrubs; an orchard,  a vegetable garden, and a maze; and an arbour for non-gardener types to sit and read.





3 Replies to “Sark: The perfect island”

  1. I guess you’ve read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, which was a very charming book as I recall. Darn, I want to go to Sark now. Love that Allium Christophii, which unfortunately I find hard to grow.


    1. No I’ve not read that … one to add to the list. Re the white flower — one is a foxglove which I’m sure you recognised. The other is an astrantia (I think).


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