Dandelions, dragonflies, and possibly a new blog


Just to let you know, I’ve almost used up all my photo allowance for this current blog so chances are I’ll be starting a new blog for the second half of the trip. My options are to remove some of the photos already on this blog, which I’ve done for some early entries without realising I was also removing them from the blog posts. So I’m not so keen on that option. Or I could pay an annual fee to get more photo storage,  which I’m not so keen on either for a blog that will finish in about a month. So if I start a new one, I’ll post the address on this Dandelions and Dragonflies blog.

Which reminds me, I’m not sure I ever explained the intent behind my dandelions and dragonflies title (apart from my liking for both of these). It was to cover the two parts of our original trip, which was canals first (dragonflies) and UK gardens second (dandelions — even though I know few UK public gardens would admit the latter). But it didn’t quite turn out like that. First, the canals were strong on dandelions but short on dragonflies. And second, we scrapped the England garden tour idea almost as soon as we set foot in the UK. (And just in case you are wondering why, if dragonflies represented Part 1 of the trip, I used dandelions first in the title, it’s purely a matter of euphony. Tripped off the tongue better that way round — try it.)

To finish, here’s a few photos from my flower series. As you can see, I’m somewhat obsessed with close-ups. Still a work in progress, but I’m having fun trying to get what I’ want. The flowers could be from anywhere but in fact they are all from Sark.










3 Replies to “Dandelions, dragonflies, and possibly a new blog”

  1. There are some gorgeous photos there, I particularly like how the light filters through the white flowers with the sky in the background. Look forward to finding out what you decide to call your second blog … 🙂


    1. I was just going to call it dandelions and dragonflies, the second half! I did think of calling it Libellules et pissenlits, but pissenlit isn’t as nice a sounding name as dandelion. I could use dent-de-lion, but as far as I can work out, pissenlit is the more frequently used word. We’ll see.


  2. Loved the flower photos. It was fun naming them all. Think I got them all except the white one. Looking forward to France leg of the journey.


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