Time to switch to the second half

La coupée between Sark and Little Sark


Sunday 11 June, 2017

OK, so I’ve set up a second half blog. Nothing original about the new title. Merely a switch in the order so you can more easily identify the second half blog — dragonflies before dandelions. So the new address is https://dragonfliesanddandelionsblog.wordpress.com

Here’s hoping you can find your way there okay. If you have trouble, please email to let me know and I’ll send the link direct to you.

And now here’s some photos of Sark. Hopefully no repeats of what’s been up already. And no, in the photo at top of blog, I’m not clutching my head in horror. I was trying to get my hair sorted before L took the photo. Some of these other photos were meant to be posted with L’s last posting on this blog but I was having connection problems at the time.





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